Ubuntu, only if we understand this before innocence were killed

I learn something new everyday. What i’m sharing here is news to me and maybe you, but not to those who already had their lives sacrificed. There still can be discussion around, but the fact that they are dead, whats the point? Yes, learn from it, but just exactly how much do we learn? Since world war II, just exactly how many conflicts have the world been through? Many. The most shameful thing is that one of the longest war since then is still taking place currently.

Apartheid, was a racial separation system implemented between 1948 till 1994 in South Africa which had cost many innocence lives due to intense pressures between minority whites and majority blacks. Mainly, the blacks were the victims being tortured and murdered, being suspects of terrorist against the ruling whites. After it was abolished, Truth and Reconciliation Commission was setup to allow the victims and families to share their experiences. Hence, knowing that hands were chopped, women raped, manhood destroyed, electrification, burnt to death were really common. However, amnesty can be granted to those who committed the abuse by the commission. Surprisingly, some victims families were really forgiving. To them, its Ubuntu; humans are all related, what he do affects both you, me and the world. Hence, its like a ‘lets stop seeking revenge or harming one another, because it would spread the harm to more people’. If only everybody understand this concept, and stop thinking of each individual, race, religion or country, I believe less lives would have been lost.

However, even after this south africa eposide, humans still continue their selfish thinking in protecting themselves. Protecting may be a natural human instinct, but the way we are doing is causing more problems. Is going into war the best way to protect ourselves? Surely, we can do better. Furthermore, some soldiers who were deployed changed, exactly because its call a WAR and so they became hostile. Mahmudiyah killings took place in 2006; it involved the killings of a innocent family and gang-rape of a 14 years old girl who was then burnt. Me, being hundred of thousands miles away from this girl, feel terribly pain knowing this; just imagine how would this girl’s neighbour and friends would have felt. Hence, this war is not going anywhere, it just involves more lives being taken away and greater hatred developed. It would be never-ending because of Ubuntu. Sometimes, government are the most stupid thing that can ever exist; they were so focused in reaching the top of the mountain and would take whichever shortest route possible, yet forgotten that they have intruded to someone elses territory without their permission.

i copy this picture from the movie, Redacted. It took me much courage because I am 110% disgusted and feel really nauseous by this picture. The identity of this picture is ambagious, but surely it cant be anywhere better as well. Whats your thought of the war now? or even our government support in this war? Remember, Ubuntu, we are all inter-connected.


1 thought on “Ubuntu, only if we understand this before innocence were killed

  1. maliha

    hey….im a 16 year old and have just learnedabout the mahmudiyah killings and i feel so bad for this girl who had to go through this i mean i keep on thinking…….hey when iwas 14 i was doing this and that and enjoying life….and here this girl was eight yearsago getting raped and killed…..sometimes i ve even cried…and her criminals didnt even get the punishment they deserved ………..however im glad to know that theres someone out there who felt this as much as i did……..thank you


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