Nixon in Obama?

There was a saying that Richard Nixon was the greatest salesman ever lived, who managed to swindle millions of Americans to cast him a vote when he promised to get America out from Vietnam. However, he sent in more troops to Vietnam when he became the president. Oddly, i find this happening today. Obama promised the world that wars in middle east will end which is one of the reason why he had won the presidency against republican, McCain. Further to this, Obama even clinched a Nobel Peace Prize. However, at the very same period, he sent in more troops to Afghanistan and defended that war can be necessary at times. Pardon me, but I really can’t picture peace and war together. A war president getting a nobel peace prize? It’s just like a kid got caught stealing sweets from the shop and the shopkeeper offered him the sweets without any payment. The kid accepted the offer, yet still continue the habit of stealing. Sounds like Obama to me; he’s in the war and was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize, yet still continue the war or worse, intensify it! I hope Americans will not look back in twenty years’ times, and wonder why they were swindled again. But this time, an even more influential salesman. Hopefully, this salesman would use the right techniques and not disappoint his millions of customers, which the predecessor salesman did.



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