Monthly Archives: March 2011

the lady in prada glasses

in class today, a nicely-dressed lady wearing prada glasses was telling me about the shit gaddafi is doing to his people. as a student of journalism, she follows the news from abc, cnn, and so on everyday. at the back of my mind, i wasnt really listening to her; i was wondering whether she knows what all libyans really want.
i don’t know the answer, and probably most libyans are still confused. so how would this lady know what we should be doing in libya? gaddafi, the media call him a murderer, i do strongly agree. at the same time, how do we expect him to step down when he was humiliated once when israel defeated his country. israel, the country americans backed up with all means once, or maybe still going on. now we expect gaddafi to give up all his efforts in preserving the arab way (which may be the wrong way to us) to the rebels who were inspired by western ideologies.
that lady, a really smart one, will one day be writing on major newspaper and we will all be reading her works. she will sit in her air-conditioned office writing about hardships in another corner of the world. what we are going to read is only through her prada glasses facing a cold machine. perhaps, one day, she will move out of her office and face the reality. then, maybe a little too late, she will realize she has wasted her life writing nothing but lies.