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I never stop racing but I raced like shit, really.

a career change with in-camp training has kept me away from the AR team for too long! the in-camp training has taken a toll in my ‘out-camp’ training. i came to the conclusion that i cant excel in both. what i’m used to is long cardio endurance stuff and in-camp training was none of that. my heat tolerance is at its highest level i can ever imagine and i believe i do move faster in short intervals now. good thing is i never lose any cycling power but i lose the capability to cycle for long – i no longer can go on at the intensity i’m used to for even an hour. well i did not specifically timed myself but the physical exertion i feel is really different from the past.

i nv stop racing but i raced like shit, really.

the first race i did was a team enduro at Singapore MTB Carnival 2013 held in Asrama. it was one month into the in-camp training and i was still feeling alright just lacking the time to train for it. thankfully, BK and i got a sponsor from Sports+Travel Magazine to participate in this race. we came in behind Ken and Laura team who are like the MTB guru around in Singapore. we were minutes away from each other, but given their age (=/) they deserve the win in every way.


the following month, i did Ace Adventure Challenge with Ting and Kee Leng. we did came in with good results but its been a long while since i have to be dragged by teammates, and never once were females. i was completely smashed on the bike and Ting had to take my hydration pack. in-camp training has started its effect on me!


and then its Safra Avventura in Jan 2014 which Luke and Kee Leng came in ahead of Chris and I! i must admit i did feel like a stronger runner given the few killer trainings with Chris plus that i’m wearing boots everyday but doesnt mean we were fast. but this new strongness did make me really happy because i believe i can handle those climbs in AR better than last year.


and i bumped around with a few jamboress here and there whenever possible. i can’t go overseas and the only plan for 2014 is not doing any of the local AR due to work schedule and also that school races are not exactly in line with my objective in AR – will be cool to see young people to go for it and getting those awesome prizes they always have!


Sports+Travel Magazine has been really kind and will be sponsoring Wilson to Nepal for a staged MTB race with only 30 participants, how fortunate!! and because of that i will be taking over Wilson’s xterra putrajaya slot and I HAVE TO START SWIMMING SERIOUSLY. the last time i did that was in primary school whn i religiously went for swim class every weekend! its really the kind of race i do not enjoy – short+fast+individual=painful! it will be my first triathlon and also an off-road one, guess thats the main draw for me!

still contemplating about a possible 24hr-48hr AR this year, or maybe a rogaine if it has to be. otherwise i might have to try the asean mtb cup (xc) which are held at really awesome locations but i really dread training for such high intensity stuff. my holiday at nz is the way i like to train instead – a mountain marathon with epic mtb stages day aft day! will be finalizing the nz video by next week, and hopefully a AR i can confirm and be racing soon!