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Movie, Avatar speaks the truth

Apologies for the long negligance here, I was really busy working .

Besides, I flocked to the cinema like the majority to catch Avatar, the top movie of the year. After watching it, I came to the conclusion that both the effects and story made it a success. Effects aside, the movie really engage us emotionally; let’s flashback to the scene when the tree in the village was destroyed, the fear and sadness that engulfed the Na’vi were captured so vividly. It, too affected us, in our minds we were thinking why humans could have done something so horrible to innocent tribe group and insisting that if we were in the human position, we would definitely choose a amiciable solution. Luckily, the movie has a perfect ending. Hence, our accumulated fustration in the midst of the movie were dissappated immediately after seeing the evils being subdued.

However, in our world, the ending has never been so perfect. Amazon, the biggest rainforest in the world contains tribes too who arn’t as lucky as the Na’vi. Take example, Ecuador. She do not have what amazing stone that sells at 20 million per kg, but she is oil rich – the current most valuable asset in the world. As the norm, foreign major companies came in and controlled it, while the locals were slaved. Like a snowball, problems get bigger and bigger; those companies priority is profit, hence who is going to care about the oil spill ? o yes, the tribes living there! but since when history allowed slaves to speak up? Just like the Na’vi who never get the chance to negotiate and resort to war means. Lets be truthful here, our dear tribes in ecuador’s amazon has no some magic dinosaur-bird to assist them if they were to go to war. They would only die miserable under the gun-fire that those countries have been investing continuously and massively. Ok great, now we in the civil world can come up to the tribes and say ‘hey you know you guys can file a lawsuit!’. Well, a lawsuit is going to take years, maybe in our new year 2010, the tribes are accounting the debts in 1990! We are all fighting for all children’s futures, while the tribes are securing the forest which is their home, we are only concerned that our children get the best piano or tuition teacher. We are all fighting for cultures, while the tribes are securing their languages and traditions, we are only concerned that music and games would be more impressive.

Our world is definitely as beautiful as Pandora, let’s make a little effort by giving back to the nature since we are already in a system that seemed really irreversable.