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Contrast of the World – Haiti Earthquake and Golden Globe Awards

Our world is globalized; from the magical box called tv, i was looking at the news which broadcast on Haiti earthquake with piles and piles of bodies being buried while minutes later, a hollywood enthusiasts and fashion commentator discussing on Golden Globe Awards fashion. As a  third-party view, I feel weird; on one end, humans are struggling for justice, praying for the slightest hope that government could send in aid to save their loved ones who might still be breathing under the bricks or caught a curable disease, but just waiting for the right treatment or medication or maybe just having the access to clean water. On the other end, humans dressed in silk, spent $$$$ on hair, face, accessories, stage, dinner and only make a donation of $100, 000?

I believe all those who attended Golden Globe Awards would have spent more than this amount! Even if Haiti no longer need more money, the money could have spent wisely elsewhere too. I wonder how many people at the dinner realized that in another corner of the world, a city named Jos just had a religious conflict again that killed at least 15o human lives. In my view, religious conflict has always been a secondary reason, the primary reason lies with money related issues like property and natural resources. The same go for the incident in Jos, if some money spent at Golden Globe Awards could be spent at Jos to reduce poverty, would have the innocent 150 lives be taken? This brings back the ubuntu logic.


Have a look at the video. I do not believe that those Nigerians are barbaric, they are simply desperate; desperate to have a job, desperate to feed a family, thats all.