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We are destroying our Earth

Few days back, I was watching the morning tv (either channel 7 or 9) who invited a geologist for interview on discussion on the movie 2012 – is it really fictional? The interview flow to other disaster movie like the day after tomorrow which the geologist was confident that it will not happen yet so ‘lets sit back and relax’. Funny how a national tv is informing the australians to ‘relax’ when we should be worried and doing more.

Food produced today can feed twice the world population. Whats the consequences of that? Land was exhausted by farming and fish like tuna faced extinction. When the land become barren, it risked forming a desert and that explained why Sahara desert and many others are expanding. Besides the fact that human cannot utilise the land anymore, it also can increase global warming because of less vegetations. When tuna extinct, it does not mean ‘alright, just stop eating tuna, no big deal’, it has a much more serious consequence of affecting the eco-system food chain. When tuna is removed, fishes feed on tuna would have adverse effect and so on. The rate we are exhausting the natural resources to feed the world is much more faster ten years back. Worse, the food never reach the poor! Instead, the food went to the buffet counter or thrown away in restaurants or even us when we couldn’t finish the dinner or left them in the fridge to rot!

I didn’t understand how exactly we can just ‘relax’ when we should be doing more to curb the compounding speed of extracting resources from the earth. Surely, the high record of temperature in summer, brought forward snow storm in China and the worse storms experienced in England are indicators of impending doom in the future.