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Matt Preston is just doing his job

Who is Matt Preston? I shall do a brief introduction here; he is one of the judges of the Australia popular TV show, Masterchef. Due to its popularity, the production team quickly came up with the second series but with slight variation, Celebrity Masterchef, screening on TV currently. Basically, he’s a food critic. However, on the last episode (watch it: http://www.masterchef.com.au/episodes.htm), a comment from him sent me into deep thoughts. On that particular episode, the contestants were sent to a fine dining restaurant to have ‘first-hand’ experience. The real customers have expectations; hence any overcooked or undercooked or not presentable food are all thrown away. At the end of the episode, Matt actually told the contestants ‘I do not care how much food were thrown away, what matters is the end product that is going to be presented to the customer’ (not direct quote). I was quite taken back at first, still couldn’t accept the fact that we the so-called developed population have achieve such high standard of living that food needs to be perfect for consumption.

I see this everyday in my restaurant I’m working at as well. Food was ugly (for example the cream doesn’t stand), Chef got unhappy, reprimanded the assistant, assistant throw the food, assistant prepare the same dish again. Even the waiters are throwing the leftovers from the customers’ plates. Just imagine if all these food can be delivered to those who need them, who will still suffer from hunger in this world? If only a boss would step forward and say ‘ok, no food is to be thrown away, keep it and I will arrange for them to reach the poor’. Our capitalist society have created millions of profit-driven corporations to meet customers’ demand. Hence, if a customer doesn’t like it, we ditch it! This capitalist world have mould us into humans who disregard other humans; we wouldn’t realize that another human needs the food, we have become too focused on the profits. This is not Matt Preston’s fault, it is the system that we living in that caused this problem.