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Saffron Revolution – Burma

The Burmese didn’t name their protest with such sophisticated title – Saffron Revolution. It was the robes of the monks that inspire such a title for the Burmese monks and people efforts in retaliating the military government nonviolently.

The demonstrations were sparked off when the government increased the fuel twice the amount, exacerbating the struggles of all Burmese. The monks decided to reject alms and marched the streets to pressure government to end poverty. Initial warnings such as tear gas put more people, especially students to join the march. As usual, repressive government used greater force to curb the demonstrations, monks were arrested and murdered.

Burma VJ is a documentary comprised of videos taking during the demonstrations and smuggled out with personal risks by the reporters. We thanked them for those who sacrificed their lives and those who are still working hard in providing the world with information. Exactly because of them, we are able to see an election happening in the coming month. The video below is a section of the documentary which I find most, well, mixed emotions.

Nonviolent strategies are not the perfect solutions but still one that would work better than any others. People will get arrest, will die, will suffer. However, if the demonstrators persist in their cause, it will only further expose the atrocities of the repressive regime. Continued pressure internally and externally would ultimate cripple the regime. Had the military forces decided to join the monks and students, the military junta might have been eliminated. Despite the charismatic democratic leader, Aung San Suu Kyi placed on extended house arrest and not able to participate in the coming election. I sincerely hope with new parties representing the people, that there would be a change in Burma. Else, the repressive regime would stay in place for another god knows how many years. Furthermore, if people decided to stand up for their cause, god knows how many the military would kill again.

May all beings living to the East
All the beings of the universe, be Free
Free from fear, free from all distress, free from poverty
May they have peace in their hearts

Free Burma.