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Sophie Scholl – Die letzten Tage

I watched this German film last week, the final days of a german heroin, Sophie Scholl, during Nazis occupation. The plot is really predictable, but somehow the movie still managed engaged me closely throughout (most probably the sound effect). Sophie and his brother, Hans were caught distributing anti-Third Reich notes in their university campus and subsequently executed. The highlight of the movie is definitely the trail they have in the courts, the obvious bias and propaganda from the judge, the submissive and obedient members and the fearless resistance from Sophie and Hans. Here are some quotes I really love:

Sophie  – ‘Trucks came to pick up the children at the mental hospital. The other children asked where they were going. “They’re going to heaven,” said the nurses. So the children got on the truck singing. You think I wasn’t raised right, because I felt pity for them?’

Sophie – [to the court] ‘You will soon be standing where we stand now.’

Hans – [to the court] ‘If you and Hitler weren’t afraid of our opinion, we wouldn’t be here.’

Hans – [to the court] ‘You may hang us today, but you’ll be hanged tomorrow.’

Although in this twenty-first century, less of such unreasonable executions are happening (or maybe intelligence nowadays have been doing and covering their jobs well), but the number of people who are willing to stand up and stage a change for the unfortunate is decreasing as well. Not that I would like to see everybody going to the street and stage a protest everyday, but surely there’s some organized method we can apply to help those entangled in this unfair system. I believe this Sophie Scholl spirit is in both you and me, it’s really a matter of initiative to make things happen. It could be a little chore for us, but a miracle to another.